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06-18-2012, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
It's not much of a torpedo boat at that point, and I'm not convinced the resulting DPS would:

A) Be significantly improved vs. Typical DHCx4 or DHCx3 +1 Torp build.

B) Be worth using 3/5 Active Space Roster slots for the damage increase, if any.

I tried exactly what you describe once before and the log parsings did not show anything impressive.

I tried to imagine a way to move up to a 3rd torp to see if that would tip the scale, but I see no viable way to do that in an escort as you have very limited shield stripping capability.
Well, two points, first if you start from the assumption that you WANT a torp boat, if you go up to 3 torps, you don't have enough shield stripping power, which makes your torpedo boat an ineffective torpedo boat. As I see it, Torpedo Boat here is defined as the most effective build incorporating the most usage of torpedoes. That means 2x torps and 3x PWO doffs, IMO. No other build is going to be as effective that builds around torpedoes (and I would say devoting 2 of your 4 forward slots to torps is a pretty substantial commitment!).

If you just want what will probably do the most DPS, you want 4xDHCs, period. But that isn't what this is about. I would also add that in certain STFs, the torp boat may pull ahead because of the sheer number of unshielded things to kill, i.e. the cure or maybe KA. When you are churning out quantums 1 every second with HYTs added in, I have to think you crank out more damage than the DHCs. Maybe it isn't greater, but at least it is competitive.

But yeah, moral of the story is, if you want the straught up most reliable DPS out there, the answer is 4xDHCs and 3x Turrets.

My question to you is: On the armitage, with an all cannon build, what do you use the 3rd ensign tac slot for? Hmmmmmaaaaaah? Riddle me THAT. No really, I want to know wtf to do with it.