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06-18-2012, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
Raw cannon damage to strip shields?

Most targets are without shields in STFís.
If all you care about is maxxing out your DPS score in a parser then that is fairly accurate.

If you actually want to deal with the targets that do have shields, i.e. most of the ones that are not immobile, borderline defenseless objects - then you do in fact have to deal with shields.

Negh'var, Raptors, all Elite Cubes, Donatra, all Spheres (especially the mass of spheres in ISE).

Being able to cut through shields will always be important vs. those targets and they are generally the targets that pose a threat to players.

I'm willing to wait and see on transphasics.

Originally Posted by Pottsey
It seems to me [borg] Transphasic or [borg] Quantumís are a must for STF runs even if itís just a single launcher with torpedo spread for all those unshielded targets. Personally I just use Transphasic and donít care about shields but for most people I think Quantumís are best.
I'm not disagreeing with one launcher, I'm not convinced a true "torpedo" Escort with 3 torpedo launchers is all that great of an idea.

Originally Posted by Demosthenes01101 View Post
As I see it, Torpedo Boat here is defined as the most effective build incorporating the most usage of torpedoes.
That's a pretty specific definition.

What you go on to describe is a ship that has 2 torpedo launchers out of an available 7 weapon slots. So to me you have more torpedos than usual, but I'm not seeing it as a full torpedo build like Cygone's which is completely centered around Torpedos for the primary DPS contribution.