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06-18-2012, 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Roche_Furman
I just want some clarification here. What do you mean when you say no other Escort can have 4 Dual Heavies and 3 Turrets, and 4 Tac Consoles, or use CRF3? I'm asking because before I used the Armitage, I was bouncing back and forth between the Sao Paulo, and Fleet Escort, and both could do all of those...
You missed combining all that w/DEM2.

Edit: To elaborate more -

1. DEM2 adds a lot of damage to cannon builds particularly to hull which BoPs don't have a lot of (if you're PvPing vs KDF). It's also useful to use on any player who waits too long to RSP/shield buff.

2. ET3 - this can be use w/PH&HE in scis to chain the hull resists while have in huge short cooldown on spike repairs (assuming Maint Doffs here) the PH also adds another movement debuff counter for when you don't have a lot of TBs on you, but won't help vs cronts. You can manually adjust power levels prior to using sci abilities to boost resists, and the heal of HE. ET&HE clear various debuffs.

3. Aux2Sif2 - this can used to free up a sci hull resists boff slot to use TSS or a CC like TB, while not as large a hull repair as ET, it's still decent w/aux power batt & nice resist buff

4. EWP - A nice AOE movement debuff/cloak debuff along w/Doff that has chance to shut engines down completely

5. EPTS3 - this can be used to really boost shield defenses

For 1,4,&5 aux2batt w/doffs can be used to shorten cooldowns along w/provide a very good power boost to shield, weapons, and engines. This will drop aux to 5 max, so you'll have to manage you power rolls. Also, you'll get more aux2batt boost based on your aux power level. So, if you switch to a high aux preset and then high weapons you'll get the most out of the ability. But, you'll actually drop below 5 aux power to zero which will shut off any abilities which require Aux. So, you'll have to think and plan things through as you're playing.