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06-18-2012, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by RockMax View Post
I would love an NX Interior.
That too, i loved the military-style interior the enterprise used. You kind of get that feel with the defiant interior/bridge pack, but it's a bit too bright and shiny.

For the atrox bridge and interior, here's what I'd like to see:

-Obviously alien/nonhuman design base. Hallways should be curvy and follow similar architectural designs to the atrox's exterior. The interior color should be similar to the atrox's exterior color as well, though maybe a bit less iridescent. Interior lighting should be blue/green.

-The bridge should have the usual stations (captain's seat, helmsman, tactical, communications, science, and a large engineering panel) but it should also include a station that clearly looks like it's designed for air traffic control (or whatever equivalent a carrier would use in space) - it'd be cool if this station is manned by a unique caitian NPC as well, labelled as a flight controller or something of that sort.

-Caitians love artistic, flowing designs, so the captain's quarters, crew quarters (if applicable), and crew lounge areas should all be pretty artsy, with aesthetically pleasing curvature in the walls and a high-class look. Caitian bust sculptures in the lounge would be cool too.

-The engineering deck should contain the usual engineering lab and warp core rooms (with a cool looking caitian-style warp core, obviously), and the transporter room, but it should also link to at least one of the two hangar bays, allowing you to actually enter the hangar bay and check out some stalker fighters up-close while exploring your ship interior. As far as the roleplayers go (myself being one of them), I think it'd be cool to set up a flight mission briefing inside the hangar bay, and maybe go on to have a team of players in stalker fighters do a mission together designed with the mission editor.
The hangar bays on the atrox are sealed with cool looking wavy forcefields, so there's no reason you shouldnt be able to move around inside them while exploring your ship's interior.