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06-18-2012, 08:46 PM
I somewhat know what you're on about Elis. I'm an Engy and love my Marauder, but when the Bortas came out I started having issues with mixing boffs with the two ships. Also with the Ody, I liked having a LTC sci slot and wanted to change LTC tier power around often too depending on what stf I was doing.

In the end after respeccing all my boffs I'd boiled them down to about 3 boffs per profession (actually 4 for sci). And each profession has a focus at the lower tiers that needs to be shared across ships.

Per profession I had each of the 3 boffs duplicate their powers but a differing tiers, so depending on the ship I'd get what I needed in ships with lower tier slots without duplication and what I wanted in ships with higher tier slots.

Typically 1 boff in each profession is focused on a single ship type:
- So one tac is cruiser oriented with beam powers and APO whilst the other two focus on cannon and weapon dmg buff powers.
- One engy is focused purely on the bare essentials for builds with 1 engy slot (so ET1, RSP/A2SIF1, EPTS3, A2SIF3), whilst the other 2 are specced to be used in tandem on cruisers
- Sci boffs kinda the same but all three are similar but with the first 2 tiers of each sharing 3 powers between them (mainly HE, TSS and ST) mixed at different tiers so I can interchange them and still have one of the powers available. Then the LTC and Cmdr slots on each are fleshed out with sci abilities I want in sci ships.

Everyone is different so you just need to boil down what you want each profession to focus on across your builds, then spec their lower tiers skills in that so it's shared across all ship types, then skill their LTC and Cmdr slots as you want for the ships that can use them.