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06-18-2012, 10:27 PM
Originally Posted by nixboox View Post
Everything except the voting to kick option because nothing good will come of that...

Just because you don't think someone is doing what you think they ought to be doing doesn't mean they deserve to be kicked from the game. I think we should enable friendly fire...
I tend to agree with this.
In other games, I've seen the community beg for this for years. Once implemented, it got badly abused by most Pugs, and became a real issue.

Originally Posted by Blakes_7 View Post
Like why is it bad to have four people shooting at the big turret while you are planting the bomb.
Then they say that they are increaseing its regen time while ignoring the fact your getting shot.
They don't understand you dont need more time you just dont need little turrets shooting you.
I was guilty of that myself on my first cure normal run.
I thought I was s'posed to shoot the big turret. Not focus the little ones.
I figured it out afterwards. Live and learn :p