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06-19-2012, 12:02 AM
I kinda have the same issue on my fed ENGY as he was my first toon and I use him to theory test differnt builds a bit as he has a weapons stock pile to do so. What I have ended up doing is I have my main Boff set of 5 which I use for my Oddy/Dread (same boff lay out for me) and then I have my ground team (aka borg reman etc) who I dont fly in space as my guina pigs. What ended up happening is I discovered that there are many level 1 skills that are fairly universal (TT, HE, etc). I have also noticed that I tend to fall back more on certain skills than others. It is possible to have boffs that fly in many differant ships but to do it you will accept that some of them are not really optimal. The thing that will not be possible is to have a highly speclized crew for each ship.