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06-19-2012, 02:18 AM
Originally Posted by soyokaze14
I don't know if you've noticed (most players never touch the KDF at endgame so its a common issue) but your Atrox is really just a reskin of the Vo'Quv, which is actually based on a Sci vessel, and NOT a cruiser. That's why you only get 6 weapons.
Hm, no, it is similar to the Vo'Quv in some way, but clearly different. The Vo'Quv has a Lt Com Tactical slot (where the Atrox has a Lt Com Sci instead), more hit points, and of course other pets.

But yes, the Atrox is modelled as a sci vessel and that is why it has only 6 weapons, true. However, real sci ships do have Sensor Analysis, which, if I am not mistaken, the Atrox does not have. (Or if it has, I haven't noticed... apologies if this is the case).

Look at it this way, your Atrox gives up turning to get 2 fighter bays. The Armitage sacrifices a Lt. Commander Tac power, which equates to a loss of DPS, presumably made up for by using one fighter bay and getting a bit more durability.

I was actually more asking about a comparison with other escorts. Of course I know that my Atrox is far superior to the Armitage!

Seriously, though, there have been excellent answers to my original question in this thread, Thanks to all of you. ^^