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Originally Posted by L4RK1N View Post
Random question to do with the whole idea of rainbow ships.

What about pairing up 2 energy types on one boat with them complementing each other, with one of the specific damage consoles for each type, or as many as you can fit?

Odyssey Star Crusier. 8 Beam arrays.
4 Tetryon (for the shield strip effect) & 4 Antiproton (for the crit damage).
It has 2 tac slots so thats a 24% damage bonus to Tetryon an Antiproton with the right console.
And as I have worked out, more power in the weapons system when in the ship will result in more damage output, so put (as the Odyssey has 4 engie slots) weapon power consoles in, say 3.5 boost, and that will provide a good damage boost as well.

In my mind, this should work as a viable setup, and seeing as the 4 random people you will be joining may have a setup that works just as well with the set up mentioned above, surely setups like this with one beam type working to the benfit of another would make sense?

On a side note, never quite thought about the hybrid weapons. Will have to look at that.
But if you used all Tetryon you'd get 52% damage bonus (It's 26 not 24 for a Blue XI) rather than two 26% bonuses. Your power consumption for 8 beams is identical no matter what type the beams are. Even two 18% any energy consoles will increase to 36% and be better than one of each.

If you need to run 4 +3.5 boosters your doing something wrong and you have no armour in a cruiser so your going to go pop so much easier. Also the Borg Console is +5 and adds other goodies.

There is no way a Rainbow boat will do more damage than a dedicated energy type unless it's a Torpedo boat than the Torpedoes are boosted and not the energy weapons.