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Hello, PvP Community!

I'm not going to create yet another thread detailing any fancy builds/tactics/strategies for PvP, but rather provide links to threads that already have them. This way, you don't have to go digging into the forums searching for them.

I've selected multiple threads which I've found to be extremely valuable for those looking for help with PvP. As you can see below, most of the threads focus upon the space portion of STO's PvP; if you know of any helpful ground PvP guides, please let me know (by posting in this thread or by sending a private message to @f4tamy) so I can include them in this thread!

Space PvP:

  1. Husanak's Guide to Escorts
  2. Mavairo's Guide to Cruisers (Table of Contents)
  3. Mavairo's Guide to Science Vessels (Table of Contents)
  4. Matteo's Guide to Science Vessels
  5. Kilawpilath's Guide to Carriers
  6. Drunk's PvP Help Thread
  7. Mancom's "The Hilbert Guide"
  8. Hurleybird's "The Jorf Guide to Not Being Terrible at Premade PvP"
  9. Naz's Guide to the Art of STO Team Space PvP
  10. Devoras' "Textbook operation to 5 man premade/pug"
  11. Jam0's Guide to Space Healing
  12. BRJ's Guide to Weapon Modifiers
  13. BRJ's "Accuracy Vs. Defense"
  14. Tranceaddict's "Keybinds For Dummies"
  15. Matt_Dravis' "Basic Tips"
  16. The Use of Duty Officers in PvP
  17. Recommended PvP Videos
  18. Matteo's PvP Movie Thread
  19. Captain Data's "List of PvP Powers and why they do or do not work"
  20. MustrumRidcully's "Insights into the STO Game Mechanics"
  21. Foxrocks' "What Aux power actually does for your powers"
  22. PatricianVetinari's Ship Power Level Calculator
  23. Nagorak's Starship Weapons Calculator

Ground PvP:

  1. jts6314's "Would you like to learn the enjoyment of good ground based PvP?"
  2. Guriphu's Guide to Beating Sci-Tanks


  1. Attilio's Skill Planner
  2. Folcwin's Starship Skill Point Effects Table
  3. Naz's PvP Fleet Directory
  4. PvP Boot Camp

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