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Random question to do with the whole idea of rainbow ships.

What about pairing up 2 energy types on one boat with them complementing each other, with one of the specific damage consoles for each type, or as many as you can fit?

Odyssey Star Crusier. 8 Beam arrays.
4 Tetryon (for the shield strip effect) & 4 Antiproton (for the crit damage).
It has 2 tac slots so thats a 24% damage bonus to Tetryon an Antiproton with the right console.
And as I have worked out, more power in the weapons system when in the ship will result in more damage output, so put (as the Odyssey has 4 engie slots) weapon power consoles in, say 3.5 boost, and that will provide a good damage boost as well.

In my mind, this should work as a viable setup, and seeing as the 4 random people you will be joining may have a setup that works just as well with the set up mentioned above, surely setups like this with one beam type working to the benfit of another would make sense?

On a side note, never quite thought about the hybrid weapons. Will have to look at that.
I tried this myself for a little bit. Let me tell you it does not work. I was using this exact setup and although it seems as if the extra shield stripping would be good it isn't the face is you get more damage since you boost all your beams by sticking with one type.