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06-20-2012, 03:25 AM
I got Interpid retro with Cygones build so I can tell you something about my playtime experiences with it.

To make a long story short - with this build it's perfect. In STFs you can quicly take down shields of a normal enemies and then blast them with torpedo salvos. Plus you got awsome healing abillities (both for hull and shields) so you can tank. Ablative armor is awsome. When activated you're literally undestructable for a short period of time.
Killing enemies fast with an escort beam boat? Sorry but it doesn't work if someone blows generators to fast in Infected elite and a whole group of spheres are coming to heal the transformer. In a times like this you want to have a fine gravity well from your Sci ship, which is Interpid.

As for PvP games. I dueled with my fleet member. I was in Interpid, he got full beam Defiant. I won. Yeah - he did a whole lot of a dmg to me but my heal abillities allowed me to regenerate shields and repair my hull. When situation got really bad I just activated Ablative armor and he couldn't do nothing to me. It was a little different when he used Polarize hull to counter my tractor beams. Then I couldn't hold min in a place so he was to fast for me to lock my torp launchers on him. Still he couldnt destroy me so it was a tie.