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06-20-2012, 05:21 AM
I think the fact of the matter is that these are new tier (5.5) ships we are seeing.

For a long time VA captains have been stuck with what is basically RA ships and Boff slots. Now we are getting ships like the Bortas, Odyssey, Atrox and Armitage. From what I remember of Heretics posts, you'll also be able to get VA upgraded variants of RA ships from your fleets starbase.

Odyssey Starcruiser - All versions render the original Starcruiser obsolete, with more hull, more shields and more boff slots, one of which is universal.

Atrox - Basically a vastly upgraded DSSV with a cmdr engineer station, about twice the hull and 2 hangers.

Armitage - Upgraded fleet escort with a cmdr engineer station and a hanger.

Compared to the other tier 5.5 ships it's actually not not as powerful, with no shield or hull upgrades.

That said, the Armitage could do without being able to field danube runabouts, but then they're OP on any ship.