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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
You can fire as many as you have on your ship, beams dont share a cooldown. The only thing you need to consider with beams is weapon power drain, the more beams you fire the more your power drops and with a drop in weapon power your beams do less damage.
Actually Beam Arrays and Dual Beam banks have firing Sequences just like Cannons. You will find each weapon, even on auto fire shoots in specific sequences. When the sequence is over all of that weapons power drops back into the power slot, so in truth you do not loose enough to compensate for, unless you use a special Bridge officer power.

For instance, You have 8 beams on a ship, on auto fire, it looks like all are shooting, but if you look at the damage and your power consumption you will find only 4 to 6 are really shooting at a time. What occurs is the beams, lets say front and back, begin swapping out. Since they are the same weapon type, one group drops to cooldown the other picks right up shooting so there is no loss in damage output.

Now many run Beam boats, with 8 beams of equal type, and use FAW (Fire at Will) bridge officer power, this allows all the beam weapons to fire, and is a very effective damage output in a nest of cruisers. Some instances I do not recommend its use, but it is effective regardless.