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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
Pretty much this. However, the global cooldown on torpedoes is one second. That means if you use two quantums up front, the second can be fired one second after the first. You still have to wait 7 seconds to fire the first again, however.
On torpedoes, all torpedoes share a common global cool down so they can not fire back to back. The exception to this rule is the Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo.

I tested a torpedo boat just recently and found while two photons work ok with each other, you can place a third, but the drop off, due to the global timers drops the firing sequence out of order and the DPS suffers.

I test several variations and found that a good setup with proper sequencing, meaning not waiting on a global timer, is the following

RF Transphasic Torpedo, Photon Torpedo, RF Transphasic Torpedo, (add your big hitter torp here, or weapon of your choice for the fourth slot)
you can add Duty officers that shorten the timers but even without them the fire pattern becomes the following
RF Torp, 1 second, Photon torp, 1 second, RF Torp, 1 second, Photon torp, etc so forth...

Question is what build are your looking to do? and for what vessel?