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06-20-2012, 10:32 AM
If you link your Cryptic account to a PWE account, it'll make things much easier on you and the Customer Support staff, once all the Cryptic accounts merge into a PWE account later on.

Our new tech support forum is the tech support department's. Minimal red tape to get answers to you all and reply to you. For ALL games, no tiered support, so ALL players can post and ask questions on the forum. I worked to get it put together over this last year, and we are working to expand the support knowledge base even more.

Tech Support being slow via the old Cryptic was because they were overwhelmed and had really deep queues. When we combined CS teams, we helped clear out all the queues for ALL the games so we would be able to have a much higher chance of 24 hour or less turn around. Especially for tech support.

Give us a chance, you might like us

Also, there are some forum bugs with the new switchover, please be patient as the teams work on it.