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06-20-2012, 11:16 AM
I played this game at launch, I made a KDF captain as it was when launched, I now have 2 KDF captains at 50, the current state of the KDF is sad yes, low population according to Cryptic, not enough content as said by most players. Cryptic does not want to waste money on the KDF because they do not see any profit in it. which is understandable, the feds have alot more options for ships and uniforms on the C-store. I'm not asking for a revamp of the KDF to back fill the game, I am past that part, it matters not to me any longer. but now looking to the future, or even the present, why can the KDF not get the same gifts the Fed gets. the Artimage, I don't know the sales they got on that, or what it would cost to give the KDF a variant, but I would like to believe that the percentage of players that bought the Artimage, could be a reflection of the percentage of KDF players that would buy a KDF version. I don't know anything about programming, but I would like to believe, since there is already the model for the Artimage, take the fed style ship body off and slap that package into a raptor and sell it to the KDF. from this point going forward, both factions should receive new toys, both factions are at war with the borg, both factions are fighting side by side to combat threats to the alpha quadrant.