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06-20-2012, 11:20 AM
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It's nice that Cryptic is finally doing something, but I'm not too fond of this system. It does not account for those with alternate computers (like how some people like to sometimes play from their laptops) or using a relatives computer on vacation. And like said previously, it's not accounting for variations of the IP if the router is reset or you have a roving IP.

Furthermore, It would be really nice to visually see Log-In times, which could help us immediately recognize unauthorized accesses. As well as failed password attempts since you last sucessfully logged on.

I've had my IP reset a couple of times since I originally posted that question on the forums... It doesn't seem to have made any difference at all, so I'm guessing that the whole thing about IP is either bugged or non-functioning, and if it's based on your computers name, well, that's just a little bit silly really isn't it?

A visual log of login times & failed password attempts is a great idea. I've seen it done on a number of banks online systems, never occured to me that it could be applied to games aswell.