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06-20-2012, 11:59 AM
I guess big ships need more people to maintain. They kind of got bloated after a point with so many labs and non-combat facilities I think. Regarding the size of the Hegh'ta, it's wider than an Excelsior is long. I've long been of the opinion that above a certain size, BoPs should be variable geometry, in that we can pick a wing setting, and either be more cruiser like, or more escort like, depending on wether they're up or down. This mechanic exists already in the Garumba and d'kora, and with the ammount of unique boff arrangements the BoP has becoming no longer unique, it needs something else to balance out that missing ensign.

I'd love to go cruiser-BoP like Kurn in the Hegh'ta (as in the original Hegh'ta) in Redemption. And as Redemption's such a cool Klingon episode, I'm going to watch it right now. Glory to the Empire!