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06-20-2012, 11:14 AM
Argh. The real reasons to hate this change too much? Talking directly about the problems.

1- I don't get my reward. No signal in any point of the C-store. How get this, because my PW account and my Crypt account **never** get the reward.

2 - All C-points in the website are gone. If I use my crypt account is here, but I can't buy anything from the website. And no one says if my Crypt account is safe yet.

3 - The worse thing in the PW settings: You can't choose or change later your facebook account to be associated with the PW website. I opened a ticket months ago and I have no answer yet.

4 - I can't transfer my toons to any test server, because the account link don't accept or don't find my toons in the holodeck, and don't permit to transfer to other place.

5 - My whole STO account are gone in the website of STO, i can't find any toon, test server subscription or any signal on any STO or PW accounts.

6 - You can't "unlink" your account to correct this whole mess.

7 - The PW don't give any support. I already opened a Ticket but I receve no word about all problems.

8 - I have a Champions Online account. Now I can lost this too because the PW account link?

9 - Anyone of Staff can confirm if my Crypt account is safe for any erase or something like that caused by this whole mess caused of the PW account links?

10 - The Gold and the Lifetime accounts lost all rewards related with the forum and the veteran rewards?

11 - STO website don't find my toons.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?