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Originally Posted by cookiecrook View Post
What is the point in having a signature when you can't use it for anything useful?
To answer the question in your signature: because without custom avatars, and all these new lowercase names, we can't hardly recognize each other anymore! the signatures are a great way to differentiate one player from another.

Since you don't have a signature image, I'll go ahead and rate CommadoreBob's, who somehow got skipped.

To Bob: Sorry my friend, but I gotta sting you with a 6.5/10.

The image is framed oddly. Also, some stuff is clipped off the edges. I know it was a hasty scale and crop job of your previous sig, so you did get some credits for that, but it really did look better before. It's time to bust out photoshop again and make a new sig intended to fit this size. (500x100 is the new limit).
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