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06-20-2012, 11:19 AM
Its about time the Devs give us the Ambassador Class starship. They brought us every type of ship, new and old except for the Abassador which a lot of players has been asking for since the make of STO. They brought us the Oberth Class, Intrepid Class, the Galaxy Dreadnought, the Nebula Class, and Excelsior Class, at the request of fans wanting to see and use Star Trek canon ships. Its sad we only had limited exposure to the ship in the TNG show. I think it was only viewed twice in that show and once in another Star Trek Show.

I think it is a cool looking ship like the Galaxy and it is the predecessor of the Galaxy when you look at the Star Trek ship evolution. The Excelsior was a ship that was one step above the Constitution Class Refit, I don't know how the Excelsior Refit skipped from tier 3 to tier 5, on par with Galaxy and Sovereign classes. With that being said, the Devs should have no problem bring us the Ambassador Class starship.