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Alright, the so the new forums suck. Instead of just griping, let's do something constructive while we grip and make a list of every single reason we hate the new forums. Hopefully it will not fall on deaf ears.

So far we have:

1. The white GUI on black background is garish and downright painful to look at. FIXED (text is now gray again)
2. The buttons are all artifacty and ugly.
3. The quote buttons are at the top instead of the bottom of the posts. (why?)
4. The header, while pretty, is too damned big.
5. Signatures seem to be broken and more constricting. - FIXED
6. When editing a post, it automatically goes into quick reply.
7. Quick Reply doesn't work, giving poster "No thread specified" error message. - this seems to be working now
8. Followed threads and mail are unavailable.
9. The "Top" button is no longer available.
10. No more "Hotlinking" threads to your signature. Now you need to "Bump" them instead. - FIXED
11. A post counter.
12. No more "location" status? Awe..... :frown:
13. The Dev tracker appears to be broken. - WORKING
14. Why are the thread buttons so big? The font hasn't changed.
15. Conversely, why are the smilies so small?
16. All of our previous posts are now attributed to the "Archive Post" user, rather than our accounts.
17. Many posters have been rendered unable to use their their original name.
18. Our names cannot use Caps.
18 ?. Nor can we use underscores.
19. BBCode is disabled in signatures (would be nice to be able to style text there) - FIXED
20. Smileys and forum buttons are anti-aliased to white instead of black.
21. There is no "you have posted in this thread" marker when you view "Today's Posts"
22. There is no easy way to "find all posts by X person" (a tool I used to track threads I posted in, and see responses.)
23. Stock avatars are not diverse enough to really identify with - duplicate of last bullet point Not at all. If we are going to be stuck with stock avatars (which previous PWE games suggest) there are far too few to identify our peers with. Of course, custom avatars would solve this problem
24. When the signature is changed, it doesn't change on all of our old posts and replies. Just on ones after you changed it. -FIXED
25.When subscribing to a thread, the redirection page is a white background with a small black box of text in the middle.
26. The Galaxy Class in the header is the old one, rather than the one currently in game.
27. Can't see what threads you've posted in anymore (posted in icon)
28. Can't see what threads devs have posted in anymore (dev icon)
29. The bullet list feature does not work (or is unstyled) - FIXED
30. (Neither does the Paragraph feature) - FIXED
31. The 'Dominion' Avatar is spelled 'Dominian' - FIXED
32. Forum PMs aren't integrated with in-game PMs / Mail. Can't check in Core Connect either.
33. Forum searches return a database error. (semi-fixed: only when searching by display name)
34. Quote, Multi-Quote, etc, buttons are misaligned.
35. Facebook now auto-links. GL with privacy.
36. No warning as to forum and infrastructure migration
37. If all these changes weren't enough, you also have to learn PWE's Core connect (with a completely different avatar and an Achievement system irrelevant to STO)
38. Nothing on Core Connect works with STO, including Friends and Guilds (Fleets)
39. Finding any of your fleet mates and friends in the new forums is an exercise in futility, given all the changes to forum handles and friends lists.
40. No "Report to Moderator" function (none at all; start posting whatever flame wars and questionable URLs you want)
41. (No basic forum rules either.) (they were there, just grouped with other announcements) - FIXED
42. No more adjusting the number of posts visible in each thread anymore.
43. Option to reset timezone settings has apparently disappeared. - WORKING HERE:
43a. The above option is not visible in the UserCP, only by visiting the link above. - FIXED - this is now available in the UserCP
44. Usage of the phrases "New Posts" and "Today's Post" (upper left near "your" avatar) is inconsistent. If both links have similar functions, they should be condensed.
45. Breadcrumbs links at the top of the forum section say "Star Trek Online > Information and Discussion > Star Trek Online Discussion" (for example). The first breadcrumb should say "Star Trek Online Forums", since that link does not actually lead to the main STO site. (anymore)
46. The thread Smilies, thumbs up/down, exclamation, lightbulb, etc. no longer function.
47. No way to send a Forum PM. (Or now it's just more convoluted.) This is available by clicking on "Private Messages" above, towards the top-right. Direct link: ("Send New Message" under 'Private Messages')
48. No more "online" "offline" status underneath the Avatar.
49. Actual, honest to god, spam posts. Great Job PWE!!!
50. No more French and German subforum. This sucks hard. - they are available, just separate from the EN forum. DE: FR:
51. When using an iPad, (Or android) log in box disappears underneath the virtual keyboard. (Mobile browsers are not officially supported. To log in without the log in box, when signed out, click on "New Thread" at the top of the forums and it will take you to a static log-in page)
52. Character profiles have finally bit the dust. No longer able to login and check your bio, or captain's log, etc.
53. Some merged accounts have had their subscribed to game days reset to 0! - this is just a graphical glitch. If it does not straighten itself out, reach out to Support and they can help
54. There is no longer a drop down list to jump to different sub-forums.
55. Forum is running vBulletin 3.7.1 from over 4 years ago, the most recent version is vBulletin is 4.2 from a month ago.
56. Dev names not gold anymore - FIXED
57. Signature no longer separate from the post body.
58. The only thing identifying new threads is slightly bolder font.
59. Can't turn off Lifetime Sub title if desired - FIXED
60. When merging accounts the account name shown as the display name, without a way to change it.
61. Signature limit is now 2500 pixels less than what it used to be. - FIXED
62. STO and PWE RSS feeds are no longer separate. - FIXED feed://
63. The Subscription List appears to be inputting the view count into the replies box.
64. The scrolling "facebook" search bar on the STO main page is obnoxious and should at least be locked in place.
65. None of the "Thread Subscription" types are functioning.
They are as follows:
*Instant email notification
*Daily email notification
*Weekly email notification
66. NO CUSTOM AVATARS??!?!?! WTF?!?!?! - FIXED. See this thread: We're gonna have a good time tonight, Let's celebrate, It's all right..... CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!
67. (and the forums as well) could use some kind of favicon to distinguish it in bookmark folders.
68. Sometimes hitting reply will take you to Zen promo popup pages. No it doesn't make me want to buy any. Stop it.

Feel free to contribute your gripes, complaints, irritations, pet peeves, sorrows, woes, pains, grumps, indispositions, infirmities, kvetches, murmurs, mutterings, discontentment, objections, and yammerings. I will update this post as they come in. :wink:

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