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# 1 == 44th Fleet ==
06-20-2012, 11:49 AM
We are re-starting our thread since the old thread is archived and no longer editable.

We are a community of online gamers who have come together to play Star Trek Online as a Federation aligned team (although we do have a KDF fleet for alts). We are structured according to the Starfleet ranking system in the Star Trek universe. We have been around since beta and launch of the game. We use a TS server.

Fleet Website:
Recruitment video, Supplemental video

Casual, age 18+ fleet of Star Trek fans and gamers joined together to explore the universe and enjoy all aspects of this game. We welcome new players as well as veterans to join our community with goal of enhancing your and our game experience.

Members of the fleet will share their knowledge of game mechanics, providing you with advises on space/ground gear, help with choosing and setting your ship or answering any distress calls concerning "I'm stuck" situations of STO world. (We don't charge use of tractor beams or emergency transports if you ever mysteriously find yourself in a prison cell next to Talaxian chef trying to teach you his secret cooking recipes).

We use in-game chat, teamspeak (Teamspeak server is available but it is optional, you are not required to use it) and fleet forum as way to communicate.

Team-up runs are organized daily and I discovered it is more enjoyable doing it with fleet as it is more fun, atmosphere is friendly (no one will call you "noob".. instead you will get an advise) and all stf-s are finished more quickly (good anti-grind measure).

There is no need to report daily/weekly to senior officers as we don't have requirements in term of commitment. You can be afk as we understand players have real lives.

We also have a fleet for your Kdf or Kdf allied Romulan/Reman characters. (There is a chat channel that is used to communicate between our two fleets).

You can check our website for more information and if you will have any questions, we are here to answer it. If you would like to join us, you should also read our rules which all member must follow.
Come join the 44th Fleet.

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