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06-20-2012, 11:59 AM
18. white tooltips on a black site.. talk about irritating
19. BBCode is disabled in signatures (would be nice to be able to style text there)
20. Smileys and forum buttons are anti-aliased to white instead of black.
21. Reply and MultiQuote buttons should be at the bottoms of posts.
22. There is no "you have posted in this thread" marker when you view "Today's Posts"
23. There is no easy way to "find all posts by X person" (a tool I used to track threads I posted in, and see responses.)
24. The forum is very difficult to use without custom avatars.
25. stock avatars are not diverse enough to really identify with. If we're going to be limited to stock avs, we need MANY MORE. If we're going to be stuck with just 8, they might as well be removed. - maybe the main photo from our "CORE" profiles could be used instead?
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