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06-20-2012, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Alright, the so the new forums suck. Instead of just griping, let's do something constructive while we grip and make a list of every single reason we hate the new forums. Hopefully it will not fall on deaf ears.

So far we have:

1. The white GUI on black background is garish and downright painful to look at.
2. The buttons are all artifacty and ugly.
3. The quote buttons are at the top instead of the bottom of the posts. (why?)
4. The header, while pretty, is too damned big.
5. Signatures seem to be broken and more constricting.
6. When editing a post, it automatically goes into quick reply.
7. Quick Reply doesn't work, giving poster "No thread specified" error message.
8. Followed threads and mail are unavailable.
9. The "Top" button is no longer available.
10. No more "Hotlinking" threads to your signature. Now you need to "Bump" them instead.
11. A post counter. Let the Whoring begin!
12. No more "location" status? Awe..... :frown:
13. The Dev tracker appears to be broken.
14. Why are the thread buttons so big? The font hasn't changed.
15. Conversely, why are the smilies so small?
16. All of our previous posts are now attributed to the "Archive Post" user, rather than our accounts.
17. Many posters have been rendered unable to use their their original name.
18. Our names cannot use Caps.
19. NO CUSTOM AVATARS??!?!?! WTF?!?!?!

Feel free to contribute your gripes, complaints, irritations, pet peeves, sorrows, woes, pains, grumps, indispositions, infirmities, kvetches, murmurs, mutterings, discontentment, objections, and yammerings. I will update this post as they come in. :wink:
This and more my friend. As soon as you close your browser, you get logged out. That never happend before. "Instant e-mail notification" is destroyed, I can?t use certain symbols in writing text. The awsome "Dev post" That showed if the devs had responded is gone also, You can?t see all the threads or posts by a single person anymore. This and more. It?s called BETA for a reason, man!!