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You just made my day!

I swear I'm more mature than I appear on this board. I tend to be.... overly...excited at times?

But YES, please do!
Just let me know when your game installs. Here are a few primers to the chat system:

All maps are divided into several zones, depeding on how many people there are. Until you have 20 hours of play, you can only use local chat which is visible to people only in your zone. After 20 hours of play, you can talk in zone chat which is visible to everyone. In ESD (Earth Spacedock) and DS9 (ok, that one's pretty obvious) I highly suggest turning off the zone chat (there is some real garabage talk in there). On the left side of the chatbox is a chat settings button and you can disable whatever channels you want. I can walk you through the rest when your game's installed.
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