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03-25-2009, 12:42 AM
Thehybrid pulled a `Kobayashi Maru' and won by changing the scenario ... and good on him or her for taking a risk of disqualification in order to fully tell his or her tale!

As someone with editorial experience, I'm guessing that Thehybrid won because his/her first three hundred words, as written, had already sold the reviewers on the entry.

It's also worth noting that in the publishing world, a "word count" will often skip over any word of less than three characters. It depends on the editorial policy in place at the publishing house.

Yes, the contest rules needed to be more clear, as to what flexibility might be afforded entrants -- but Awen has been ill of late, so it can't hurt to let her get well before demanding explanations written in blood. This will all be sorted before the next contest, without a doubt.

Lastly, I'm embarrassed by those of you who are calling for the revocation of Thehybrid's prize. Taking away Thehybrid's award will not automatically make your story any better, nor diminish what was so obviously good about his/hers.

What's done is done, as the saying goes. There will be more contests, and more beta slot prizes. Move forward, and show a little of the human grace your capable of, friends, please.

Spitefulness does no one any good, and only makes the spiteful look petty.

My opinions anyway, and I doubt they will be well-received, but I stand by them,

And again -- congrats to the winner!