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03-25-2009, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by BreachAndClear View Post
His entry is 609 words (copied and pasted it into Word and did a word count).

I agree. I had to cut mine down a lot to get want I wanted to say in, while at the same time maintaining coherent sentences. Granted, I would have been disqualified anyway given that I didn't realize that the story needed to take place in a bar setting until after the fact. But it's got to suck for those that did everything right.
Well what can we say? Make your next entry 10 pages if you want. Seems the rules are more of a guildeline. No matter what they say next time about length, just make it as long as you need to convey what you want to say. Well, that is if you want to enter next time at all. Seems to me this was a big FU to everyone who put in time on this. I for one won't be entering another one of their rigged contests.

It's as if one person used a bicycle in a foot race. He crossed the line first and the judges just said "ah screw it he got there first, he won." Then anyone who ran the foot race and said it wasn't fair is just sucking on sour grapes.

I think this might give us a hint at the in-game "fairness" as well. Prolly be able to get away with cheating and a slap on the wrist if anything at all. I mean frankly if they won't even follow the rules they set up, why should any of us?