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03-25-2009, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by TreffnonX View Post
People, I wrote a comment on the first page that answered all this in advance... the entry most likely wasn't longer than 300 words in it's original version but quite hard to understand. That might suggest why CrypticAlivet had to "crack CrypticAwens back" just minutes before she released the winning entry. I think they wanted to wait for permission from the original writer to allow them to strech the original text. (They probably didn't want to change what he wrote himself and did not correct the grammar, out of writers directives, never change what someone else published...)

Anyone who has followed either Awen or Alivet on Twitter could have come to this conclusion reading their yesterday's entries and they pretty much suggest the same thing.

My entry failed the expectations of this contest because i wrote mine like the last person who won a contest. Like an enzyclopedia about the species... that is the reason I lost.
You should probably ask yourselves what mistake you made in writing your entries. Maybe your grammar was as bad as the grammar of his entry or you failed to be creative or something else.

All in all i think the winner pretty much deserves victory due to a good story.
Then it should have not been touched an added to.