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# 55 A Brief Purge, If I May
03-25-2009, 03:31 AM
I approached the contest from the point of view of perhaps being able to jump-start an entirely new species in the Star Trek universe, which is kind of a big deal. I didn't see it as about getting into beta (but cool) or fundamentally about being entertaining (though one would try). What was important was the concept, the creation of something new -- something Star Trek.

There are precious few opportunities for outsiders, especially at this early stage, to inform the new (and old) universe that is being created. I would only ask that the people at STO treat, if not our babies with respect, at least the cribs that they are directed to lie down in.

Am I now being petty? It's an odd charge, if made, as I never approached the contest as something petty to begin with (Star Trek! A new species!), but which, apparently, we are being invited to see it as. The end-result is to feel like a fool, or worse, a fan.

UPDATE: Well, as I was about to post this, I see that a new post has made to suggest that the original entry was perhaps 300 words or less and possibly quite hard to understand. This deserves a NO COMMENT, but I'll make one anyway: Beauty contests are not judged based on the potential for plastic surgery.

And, yes, the winner should stay the winner, the rules should be clarified or minted in bold, and... and... I do feel better now, actually.