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06-20-2012, 04:11 PM
My Assault cruiser build is similar, but uses 7 beam arrays and 1 quantum instead. I use phasers for pvp and antiproton for pve on it though.

You should run full power to weapons and 50 to shields, and just switch to a defensive power setting with 100 to shields only when you need to, then switch back.
Also a power setting with 75 to shields and 75 to aux is good when you are healing people.

Boff layout is:

Lt Tac- TT1, and BO2 or FAW2
Ensign Tac- TT1

Commander Eng- EPTS1 ET2 RSP2 RSP3
LTC Eng- EPTS1 DEM2 Aux2S2

Lt Sci-HE1 TSS2

Use 3 pc borg and Maco shields with same consoles, it tanks pretty good, heals teamates good, and its broadside hits a lot harder then the 4 beam build. Torp spread used against bbig slow targets or to finish off people when chasing them.

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