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03-25-2009, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Awen
I'm sorry that you've taken this excitement and enjoyment and turned it into something not good.
You are turning this back on us? This is absolutely not the right stance to take. If anything the 300 word limit "fostered creativity" because it presented a challenge, a GREAT one for us to adhere to.

Please, you can't take this personally. Understand you're dealing with TREKKIES here. We gorge ourselves on rules, and facts, and minutae. The ideals of the Federation are adherence to a strict code of laws. These boards themselves are a meeting place where we can enjoy similiar principles.

And mosst importantly, celebrate one another because of our mutual interest. I applaud the winner. He wrote a great story. The conflict here isn't that it wasn't a great read. The conflict arrises because with more room to maneuver, several of us feel we could have done a better job as well.

It's a moot point now. I've opened a thread in the Holodeck where everyone can post their stories. Let's enjoy one another's efforts and move on to the next event. I'm hesitant to call them contests. I think we should start viewing these as an opportunity for community participation. Competition seems silly now.