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03-25-2009, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by Awen
I'm just sorry that the community couldn't come together and congratulate him as a whole. Unfortunately this affects the way we're going to do contests from now on and we won't be able to foster the creativity of this community anymore.

I'm sorry that you've taken this excitement and enjoyment and turned it into something not good.
We haven't done anything Awen, you (the team) have. It is very insulting to try and redirect your error onto us. Your point of saying "Unfortunately this affects the way we're going to do contests from now on" is kind of a null point anyway since the way you 'did contests' before was completely out there anyway it seems.

I'm happy for the winner, truly, and to be honest I feel a bit sorry for him that your team has caused all this ill will centered around his entry.

Oh and saying you have the right to change the rules as and when you see fit is like the words of a dictatorship.

After reading hundreds of entries at 300 words I would find it difficult to not notice that one was twice as long. I noticed after reading just one without reference, as did most of the other posters.