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06-20-2012, 05:01 PM
The alternate active roster abilities include:
?Deflector Officer?Chance to reflect damage while using Polarize Hull

LOL FBP + PH?? I'm going to take a risk and assume it's FBP 1. And it's still based on Aux power.

?Flight Deck Officer (Variant 1) ?Increase Carrier Defense while in Recall Mode

?Flight Deck Officer (Variant 2) ?Increase Fighter Accuracy while in Intercept Mode

?Flight Deck Officer (Variant 3) ?Increase Fighter Damage while in Escort Mode

?Tractor Beam Officer?Drains -10 Engine Subsystem Energy with Tractor Beam Repulsors

?Doctor?Triage and Medical Tricorder can trigger a second heal

?Geologist?Create a Gravity Well effect on ground when using Gravimetric Shift

?Gravimetric Scientist?Create an aftershock Tyken's Rift (same functionality as existing Gravity Well aftershock)

Should have been there in the beginning.

?Nurse/Medic?Increased Crew Recovery when crew is <75%

?Assault Squad Officer?Extra Team Heal and AOE Rez on Rally Cry

?Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 1) ?Reduce recharge time on Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Volley

Yay more Overpowered Escort damage!

?Energy Weapons Officer (Variant 2) ?Reduce recharge time on Beam Overload and Fire at Will

Yay more no [Acc] FAW..

?Security Officer?Increase melee Crit Chance and Crit Severity (ground)

In addition to any Duty Officers you receive, you also will get one (1) of the following special bonus prizes:
?A stack of Gamma Quadrant commodities (which will be in high demand with the new Fleet Advancement and Starbase system)
?A stack of Gamma Quadrant consumable devices (new devices based on the Gamma Quadrant commodities)
?An Alien Artifact (available in both "Powered" and "Unpowered" versions)
?A random Mk XII Very Rare Console
?or the jackpot prize? a Tuffli Class Freighter Ship Pack
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