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the advantage of 3 blue or purple new energy weapon officers is a line that shouldn't have been crossed. the active roster, if it wasn't already, is the single most important part of your build. more important then your weapons, more important then your equipment, more important then your consoles. so much for the doff system being in the background, its taken over the actual gameplay, and has invalidated the cooldowns that are the foundation of the space combat system balance. a good active roster might even be more important then skill now.
I'm not so sure that's true. I've had the same DOFF layout since maybe rank 35 at most (Rank 50 now, been so for about a month and a half), and since then I've changed ships 3 or so times, and weapons/shields much more than that. I can honestly say the weapons/shields of my ship and the power layout made for a MUCH larger impact on gameplay than any DOFF ability I had.