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03-25-2009, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by Awen
I've read all of your complaints and concerns and I'm responding through this thread. If the comments get out of hand - It will be closed. Please let's try to keep this civil.

Yes, I chose an entry that was longer than 300 words. Yes, I disregarded the rules of that contest. Actually - I completely forgot that there was a word limit because I felt that the entry was that good. It engaged my imagination and when I sent it to the team to judge, they also enjoyed it.

I apologize to this community for disregarding the rules and failing your expectations. I'm sorry to those of you who felt that you ought to have won and did not because of the 300 word limit.

In the future - all contests will be random lotteries so that this sort of thing does not happen again. I appreciate all of the hard work and creativity that you have put into the contests thus far and I hope that we may again some day be able to have activities that allow you all to be creative.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies and I look forward to providing you all with more game content.
First off, Awen. I'm very disappointed you disenfranchised other participants and chastised those who abided by the rules.

I will admit, Hybrid's story was good, but he clearly broke the rules and should not have been considered. He could've got honorable mention, but not first prize. Because what's to say that many of these entries that were cut short, wasn't better? But yet they trimmed their works to fit in the set limits of 300 words.

Now as for this lottery, this greatly makes feel disconcerted. Seems future winners won't be chosen by their works, but by simple draw of the hat. It's bad enough people don't get a chance to compete in the trivia, because of someone being faster at the draw.

I say future contests should be narrowed down by the Cryptic staff, with entries breaking the rules to be excluded, and the top 5 or 10 winners be chosen by the public.

That sounds fair, does it not?