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Hi Captains,

I was trying to get Foundry Challenge #4 up today, but I am going to need to postpone the start of it until next Wednesday, June 27th. I am very sorry about this, but some good news!

1) If you did not see already, I am upping the prize! 1000 promo points instead of 500 (so you can buy more Foundry slots using the dilithium exchange). Also, the first place mission will make it onto the Spotlight on the Foundry.

2) We are going to extend the creation period from 4 weeks to 6, and the voting period from 2 weeks to 3!

These are being implemented based on some great feedback received.

Also, I would like to start taking suggestions from the community on what you'd like to see the backstory be about. Feel free to post your ideas in this thread for what you think would be fun to see -- limit the backstory to 2-3 sentence (feel free to use the past challenge as an example for what the backstory should contain). If you like an idea that someone posts, feel free to respond to this thread letting me know that.

Thanks again for your understanding, and I can't wait to announce Foundry Challenge #4 next week :smile:


Brandon =/\=
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