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03-25-2009, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by Capn Danger
Agree with darthdonte, i myself was spurred to enter the competition by there being a prize of some kind on offer. Even creative people like a carrot - whats the point in randomly assigning 'prizes' to forum users?
No point at all. It's a clueless response from Awen.

We are talking about people's most important resource: time. When someone spends a lot of time on something creative, then loses to someone breaking the clearly stated rules, it is a THEFT of their time. And when people's complaints are derided, belittled and otherwise marginalized, the feeling of outrage is compounded.

Awen has made way too many mistakes, first in the 'Planet Exploration' contest and now here. I also think the way the controversy around ship interiors was handled was ugly.

This is an unforgiving biz, and anyone in it should take heat with grace. Blaming people who are honestly astonished and hurt by the way this contest was conducted is the last straw for me (and, clearly, many of us), and is why I call for Awen to go.

If Cryptic wants to hire rule-flouting cyber bullies to run their contests, then I have to start comparing their operation to companies I will never give another dime to... SOE and FunCom.