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03-25-2009, 01:30 PM
After seeing the most recent episode of 24, people make it sound as though Awen is Ethan Kanin. *Reference not important*

I don't see why creativity HAS to be fostered in a competition for a beta slot. I, like many others, was disappointed in that the winner was selected from an entry that had violated one of the contest rules. I think lotteries are the way to go. Even when the contest is only for a forum title (see contest #1, in which the runners up weren't announced) people still go at Cryptic's metaphorical throat over something so minor as a title.

No, lotteries are not perfect, but given the alternatives I think it is the way to go to keep the largest number of people happy. I think the only other way to go would be to hold contests as they have been held, only instead of Cryptic deciding the winner, they decide the best 2-3 and the the community votes the 1st place winner, with the runners up being the two that made it to the final three but lost. That way if a finalist doesn't adhere to the rules, and it passes under Cryptic's radar, the community can decide how to treat said entry by either collectively refusing to vote for it, or by deciding "Yes, this entry IS that good" and ignoring its failure to comply to the rules.

For those curious, it was also inherently involve allowing the community to read the entries that will ultimately be deemed runners up.