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03-25-2009, 12:33 PM
You know I normally don't get involved in community drama, but are you guys seriously kidding me....300 words vs 600. How petty are we as a community. yeah, the story did go over, but how long the story verses how good it is is irrelevant. During the Gettysburg address, the guy that was speaking before Lincoln, spoke for TWO HOURS, and yet no one remembers his name, Lincoln spoke for 45 minutes and that speech was what touched American so much that its still taught to this day, oh and btw he wrote on a napkin as he was coming by horse and buggy to Gettysburg.

When something is well written it doesn't need the power of size and length to support its self, all it needs to do is engage the reader and allow them to feel as though they are delving into the fiction that they are reading.

was there a mistake of course, will it happen again, well it appears practices are being put into place to prevent future mistakes. However what was the crime here, the fact that word counting took a back seat to an exciting and engaging story that caught the attention of others. tbh whether the story was 300 words or 600 whether the story took 45 minutes to read or 2 hours, is really irrelevant, I am sure that the rest of the stories where very good and for that I congratulate the hard work and thought that went into them, however what was accomplished was that this story attracted the attention of the people reading it and for that it was good.

Besides look at it this, so what if a 600 word story won, at least we will have more opportunities in the future to be that one winner! Not winning a Beta key is not the end of the world and last i checked everyone is aloud to make at least 1 mistake in their life and manage to not get the death penalty for it.