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03-25-2009, 01:48 PM
When I first saw the winning entry I was surprised by the length of it, but not angered to any degree. It's hard to get emotionally invested sat in an office by yourself at 5am, trying to fix the problems your colleagues left you the night before.

When I sat down to write my entry I really couldn't get it to within 300 words and still regard it as an acceptable piece of writing. When I kept reading it back, it just read poorly. I didn't want to submit something I wasn't prepared to vote for myself, so I didn't submit anything. I don't regret the decision either because in the end it's not worth losing sleep over. None of this is. I just chalk it up to poor creative writing skills on my part.

Anyway, you live & learn in this world. Those who never make mistakes are destined to make nothing with their lives, so I think really it's about moving on from this affair and showing a little forgiveness. The game is still a way off from release and there will be plenty of time to enter future contests and hope for a beta slot.