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03-25-2009, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Coldsteel6d View Post
Well i was the runner up on this one. I can post my entry somewhere or send it via PM if anyone wants to see it.

It was originally around 450 words but I hacked the crap out of it to make it fit. Got most of the content in there but not so much in the way of flavor like the winner did. I liked the way he set the mood and atmosphere of the story. Mine is more dry but maybe more unique in the idea behind it. Although i have to admit I liked the bit on how they kept the Borg at bay in the winners piece.

Although I hate to see someone win that went way out of bounds I am glad that this company has these sorts of contests. I have been in many beta tests and its always through sheer luck of the draw that I get in. Never had a chance to earn a slot.

So I hope I get another chance to earn my slot and not get a "You have been selected at random to participate!" auto email one day.

Oh and I am sorry for the delay in the posting of the winner for this contest. They had to email me to get my forum name as I forgot to put it on my entry.
Congratulations on the runner up prize Coldsteel! I would love to read your entry. There is a post in the holodeck forum where participants in the contest have already posted their entries. I hope you earn or win a slot in beta for this game!

edit - link to the entires on Holodeck forum can be found here