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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
well as long as they also boost the hull on ALL klingon vessels by 15k
yeah.. dont hold your breath there, no money in it for them to do that.
Originally Posted by foxrockssocks View Post
The real question is why the Fleet Escort, Defiant, and Raptor are conspicuously absent from those mentioned buffs.

Not that any of the ships needed a buff.
nope, no money in it for them to add that to those ships.

Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
At this point I think either KDF should all just reroll as Fed and f the excuse of a faction, or KDF should just refuse to do anything with any Fed at all (KDF-only STFs, never queue for FvK, etc.)

I don't know which has a slightly less absurd chance of successfully telling the devs that they are colossal jerks.

Me, I just gave up. Fine. I'll play a Fed like you want me to, devs.
Yep.. so did I, after 2 years of fighting for it, to have it slapped in the face, first they wanted us, now, they chase money. Wife and I just tossed up our hands and said to hell with it. I have thought about asking for my money and time back over our KDF toons.

Basically Cryptic stated it loud and clear team. They are not furthering the KDF not one bit, the money is with the Fed crowd.

Knowing this however makes me very alarmed and I know, that any new faction (romulan, etc) that is placed out I will stay clear of, simply because Cryptic will only develop them till money dries up, then abandoned them half done and go back to chasing that quick money again.

Shame too, with a little effort, they could make MORE long term money by fleshing a few things out, they management view is so short termed it is no wonder most of the old core Klingons that were with the originals left. I guess my old friends knew more then old Mongo did at that time.

To put it bluntly the KDF turned out to be a major waste of time. Not the players fault, or the factions fault. Just the game managers fault, and just a fact team. Go do your homework, ALL of it, not just the little things, the whole picture and draw your own conclusions, just stating my own experiences over the past 2.4 years.