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Originally Posted by azaral View Post
I have been in game about a month now and have 4 level 50 toons and 2 more I am working up. I have one of each type for KDF and fed and I prefer the battle ship feel of my Oddy and bortasqu. At this time I have them both speced and set up with 8 beams each. Anti proton fed side Disruptor/Plasma hybrid KDF side. I have just began using the Lt. Com uni slot for a tac officer to increase the number of tac skills I can to use. Both of these ships have ENG captains. I started ENG then leveled a cannon raptor tac and a carrier based fed sci up to expirment with new skills and ideas. My starting build is basicly a dragon beam boat but with 8 beams instead of 7 and a torp.

I use BFAW alot and have done so since my first build. I can link my builds from the academy when I get home from work.

I find that I like the double tac team approach and also really prefer broad side play or carrier strike tactics over the nose on cannon approach.

I have a Brel I am working on that is a sci officer torp boat that I also enjoy.

Cannon escorts just feel to much like an airplane not a warship.
Sounds like you got the basics of it, Do not be afraid to experiment some. Also ask questions, tons of good folks here on the forums to help you.