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Hi, Evil70th here,

Most of you already know as I have recorded more than 150 of these in-depth reports in my original forum, ?In depth mission reports upon request? prior to the Perfect World switch over. Due to complication that occurred with the switch over I have decided to rebuild my original forum. With that thought in mind I would like to offer you a fair and in depth mission evaluation report.

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Hi folks,

If you already had a mission submitted to the queue in the previous forum posting do not worry you still have your place in the queue and I hope to get started on it first thing Saturday morning.

So you can verify your mission is in the queue here is the list as it currently stands;


Mission 7: Exploratory Crisis Author: dalolorn


Thanks for authoring,
Phew, was afraid I'd have to find all that information from my original application again... I'm 7 already?

Edit: To answer your last response to my posts (displaying quote first)

Originally Posted by evil70th
In general I do not like to review missions in a group or with the author. I want to see the mission as the other players will see it. I also have no problem re-reviewing a mission one the author has made the corrections they feel are needed. Mission reviews feed two things for me, one is playing STO, the other is my attention to detail.

I merely stated that it MAY be easier with an Elite STF-level team when playing the harder MDC combinations - most of the later fights contained one of the following:

* Two Commander-grade mobs (featuring Commander with various underlings)

* One Captain-grade mob (Captain, once again varying underlings)

* And a one-of-a-kind encounter with both of the above.

Due to this fact, it is quite possible that you will either have to fight the harder combinations with a series of respawns or extreme skill, or risk failing altogether. Fortunately though, I put the respawn point for the hardest encounter properly, and may decide to add some more points retrospectively.

Re-edit: However, I will point out that all the ground mobs are Klingon in origin (unless you stumble upon something mysterious whilst randomly exploring the area around the Explorer's main engineering section...), so you can try to optimise your build to defeat marauding hordes of Klingon warriors... but if you go and explore, I recommend a frequency remodulator and a LOT of skill :biggrin:

Re-re-edit: Also, nrobbiec, about your Reman Cadet for my Costume challenge, the OP specifically stated that the costume design is to be posted, not a picture or a link to the picture.
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