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06-21-2012, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
Phasers have no proc or benefit in STFs: They do not disable borg subsystems. That makes them mathematically worse than everything in PVE: even plasma weapons would be better to take to an STF than phasers.

Of course, the phaser 'does' work amazingly in PVP, and plasma weapons are totally useless in PVP... but if you're trying to imply that a build using phasers is in any way 'optimal' for STFs, you are incorrect and misleading your readers.
That is incorrect neighbor. you will find that the phaser proc does disable borg subsystems. I have battled cubes, spheres, and probes all shut down on engines, firing, losing a shield when I was shooting at them with my escort, using nothing but Phaser DHC and DC, with no targetting systems.

On checking on them i find they have the debuff of target subsystem on them as if I hit them with a BO skill. I have reproduce this many times.

Now where by game design it is SUPPOSE to do that is a different topic, all I am saying is for the past bit and right now, it is allowing this to happen.