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03-25-2009, 09:41 PM
Originally Posted by Jenshae View Post
Calling for a resignation or someone to be fired? I don't like that tone. To me it pressumes too much. It is her bosses decision and I wouldn't be surprised if they took exception to this. Let them manage their staff issues, we are clearly not happy. That should suffice.

Consider the job, Public Relations. Creating relationships, trying to impress people, being friendly. Hardly something that draws logical or law and rule followers. It is a personality job. Though a lot of that comes across differently in text.
(Even this last bit does not carry my meaning well, time for me to go to bed.)
As you can see from the games I've played (in my sig) I've been around the block in MMO's. But in the 80's (awwk, I'm getting old) I was in radio for ten years, running contests, interacting with people all day, doing PR, etc.

It's sad but true... I've never seen contests run so badly anywhere, anytime, as this gang does. Cryptic breaks their own rules, then punishes their community for reacting with honest anger... unbelievable, unforgivable arrogance. Awen has the nerve to lecture us like children. If I'm her boss, and I see the way she fails at her job, she's gone! Clean out your desk, here's your check for the last two weeks.

These days, corporate America seems to just give bonuses when you fail. If you fail again, more bonuses. I suppose the model is like a monarchy or a dictatorship: Big Brother is always right.

It just ain't right, in my opinion.