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Its based on the Original Akira Class, Heavy Escort, Gun Boat, Carrier... which was in fact a Heavy Escort Class, Gun Boat, Carrier all in one, and I was disappointed that the Akira in STO was missing these Additions, But we now have them and all on a T5 Version... which im very happy with

And I think the Designer of the Akira Class Ship "Alex Jaeger" made an Awesome Design, and possibly one of the best designs for a Starship in Star Trek

This T5 Akira is not totally Overpowered, the Hull is quite weak as with other Escorts... and does not have much in the way of support for Science and Engineering officers to keep her afloat... But in the right hands she can can be a very potent weapon and kept alive

In PvP, she can deal out great amount of damage as with any other T5 Escort, and with the Thunderchild Point Defence Console in combination with the Torpedo Point Defence Console, it can be a somewhat OP Combination in both PvP and PvE, IF and only IF used at the right time, otherwise they dont have much of an effect on full Shields...

Again in PvP, the T5 Akira is a Great Hit and Run Attack Platform, with Maneuverability and Speed on her side to hit the Target quickly with a great amount of damage then to withdraw quickly if taking damage

Fighters come in handy to distract Targets in Both PvE and PvP before you make your attack Run, I have not messed around with the Shield Repair shuttles or any of the others, only have the Advanced Peregrine Attack Fighters...

I have done a ton of STFs, and she flies great in all of them, tho you do need a real tank to take in coming fire as she will not be able to take much punishment all on her own, if you have the right skills you can tank a little but not as long as a Cruiser

I had set my ship up with 2 forward beam arrays, 2 forward Dual beam arrays and 3 rear Beam arrays... used this set up in PvP and ended up getting 43 kills to 0 deaths and that works quite well...

now tho I have a new set up with 2 forward dual heavy Cannons, 1 forward dual beam array and 1 forward Torpedo tube with 3 rear 360 degree Turrets... used that in a few STFs so far and works great... very nice DPS... have not tried it in PvP yet tho

But as I said im very pleased with the T5 Akira (Armitage) Class, its everything I had hoped to see from a T5 Akira
If you cannot make the new T5 Akira last with that ultra-critical upgrade of a Lt.Cmdr Eng BOFF slot, you don't deserve to be playing. What the hell do you mean it can't be kept "afloat" in a fight? The Lt. Science BOFF slot may not be much, but it means alot in survivability. Toss in some Transfer Shield Strength and Hazard Emitters / Polarize Hull, and you should be a pretty decent tank also, that happens to dish out alot of firepower and can maneuver with pretty much any other Escort.

As an Escort, the new ship gives up NOTHING for all the other benefits it gains. It gained near-cruiser Engineering ability as well as a hangar bay. And it costed NOTHING more than what other Escorts pay for their maneuverability and firepower.

The only weakness the new ship has is it's not a Science Vessel with all the perks associated with it.

Again, if you can't make this ship last, you need to just stop playing.