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Since the forum is undergoing changes, for better or worse, maybe it's time to look at some of the redundancy in the sub-forums.

The forum lacks overall coherency and focus, it could do with being tidied up.

'Star Trek Online Discussion' & 'General Community Feedback' have the same type of threads, topics, discussions, relating to either the Developers, fansites, the forum changes, STO current and future developments and various gameplay ideas which doesn't fit in the other sub-forums.
Take the fansite/potcast threads and put them in the News Network, where they can get the proper exposure.

A name for the consolidated sub-forums could be 'Community Feedback & Discussions',
- "For feedback and discussions on topics not covered by another sub-forum".

'Free-to-Play Q&A' & 'The Academy' serves a similar function to each other, to address questions related to the game from new players, questions about the forum, silver vs gold, and general out-of game related questions. The F2P transition has happened, a while ago in fact, so the F2P sub-forum has become redundant.

Retain the 'The Academy' as the sub-forum name, - "New to STO or confused about how things work? Ask your questions here".

On the topic of 'The Academy', it has far too many stickies. 1 Sticky with a list of all the available threads of information, categorized and organized, would be far more beneficial, at least until someone can make a general purpose guide to STO covering all topics, the multitude of stickies leaves little room for new topics on the first page.
It's cluttered to hell and back and a challenge to find any specific information. On top of that several of the stickies throughout the other sub-forums should be unstickied and moved to 'The Academy'.

'Federation Shipyards' & 'Klingon Fleetyards', merge under sub-forum 'The Shiphard'. - "Where Captains meet to discuss their ships' layouts, equipment and performance".

'Character Builds and Powers' & 'Bridge Officers and BOff Powers', merge under sub-forum 'Captains & Bridge Officers'. - "Discussion and feedback about player classes and Bridge Officers".

Abolish and move the threads from 'Federation Gameplay', 'Klingon Gameplay' and 'PvE Gameplay'. The topics in these three sub-forums are already covered by more appropiate sub-forums, such as 'Missions & Episodes', 'The Shipyard', 'Captain's & Bridge Officers' and 'Community Feedback & Discussions'.

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